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The project Care Talents is a transnational project funded by the European Community within the sectoral programme Leonardo da Vinci of the larger programme Life Long Learning (2007-2013).

The project started in November 2008 and was completed in a two-year period. The project coordinator was the Italian consortium Anziani e Non Solo. The other partners in the project were: Balkanplan (Bulgaria), Interflor-Sia (France) and Enfarp Emilia Romagna (Italy).The rationale behind the project lies in the need for developing procedures for validation of professional experience in the care sector. The sector of the private elderly and disabled home assistance is carried out, in Italy, mainly by immigrant women lacking of a specific professional education within the assistance sector. However, there is a property of competences deriving from the job experience that has to be valorised through its validation. For that reason Care Talents aim is to transfer in the Italian and in the Bulgarian context the French system for identification, acknowledgement, and validation of the competences, acquired and experienced by workers operating in elderly and disabled assistance. The main results of the project are:

  • A detailed report analyzing the French model of evaluation of the developed competences.
  • Adaptation within the Italian context (trough the research and subsequent experimentation) with the identification of the standard grids and validations tests regarding the elderly care sector.
  • Analysis of the transferability in the Bulgarian context.

More information about the project is available in English, Italian and Bulgarian at: www.caretalents.it

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