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We provide consultancy on European Union and Greek/Bulgarian programmes and initiatives in the fields of Research and Development, Information Society Technologies, Education and training, EU Parliament studies, Information Technologies, International Relations and Regional Development.
In more details:


  • In the area of International Cooperation we provide help to our clients to gain leadership in key scientific and technological areas by supporting cooperation between universities, industry, research centres and public authorities across the European Union as well as the rest of the world.

We provide as basis for this our huge expertise in the areas Public-Private-Partnership, having accomplished successfully projects at European and pan-European level, as well as at national level with universities and public authorities. We have established network of contacts and good relations with almost all major universities, the biggest private companies of Europe, all major research centres, more than 500 SMEs, trade unions, regional authorities and public bodies. These are among all member states, new member states, associated states, candidate countries and other countries. 

  • In the area of Life Long Learning we participate in programmes and initiatives related to development and dissemination of innovative materials for vocational and adult education and training, development of platforms for distant learning and exchange of best practices and experience, localization of materials for education and training courses, dissemination of best practices in vocational and adult education and training, participation in the process of developing EQF, provision of technical and operative support for the implementation of initiative in the field of education and training.

  • In the area of Frontier research, which reflects a new understanding of basic research:

At the forefront of creating new knowledge, "frontier research" is an intrinsically risky endeavor that involves the pursuit of fundamental advances in science, technology and engineering, without regard for established disciplinary boundaries or national borders. It embraces truly outstanding research or mastering new fast growing areas of science at pan-European level.

Our experience in this area involves participation at frontier technology and science projects at pan-European level with the best scientists, universities and research centers. Some indicative projects are in the area of artificial intelligence, mobile computing, knowledge management, risk management and others.

  • Joint Research Centre actions which provide scientific and technical support to the EU policy while further reinforcing JRC's customer-driven orientation and its strong networking with the scientific community in the specific context of growth, sustainable development and security. Our expertise covers technological, economical and legal studies in the field of security and sustainable development.

  • Knowledge management and knowledge-based economy - more specifically activities and means of implementation designed to meet strong element of continuity, new approaches, a consistent focus on supporting existing excellence and creating the capacity for tomorrow’s research excellence, a streamlined and simplified management to ensure user-friendliness and cost effectiveness. We possess strong experience in Knowledge management, IT knowledge based systems, practices and tools for supporting it.
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